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When the legislature passed the act establishing post offices at Bennington, and other places inhe was appointed post master general, with extensive powers. His remains lie in the first church ceme- tery, at Bennington Center, beneath a marble tablet on which is inscribed, "Anthony Haswell, a patriot of the Revolution, Printer and founder of the Vermont Gazette, A sufferer in the cause of freedom under the Sedition Act of Died May 22,aged 60 years.

Stockwell, who came here from Litchfield, Conn. It was continued until sometime inCutest girl vw Galt Iowa the press was removed to Troy, N. Collier estab- Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl the " Troy Gazette. Tfie American Register was commenced at Arlington by E. Oilman Storer, in January, 18 17, and issued weekly Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl two yearSc Firl that time post-offices were not numerous, and so we find among the advertisements in January,one by M.

Dem- ing, postmaster, advertising letters remaining in the post-office for residents of Arlington, Sandgate and Sunderland. Also proposals by Mr.

Storer for the publication of a regular pamphlet, to be called "The Union Magazine and Evangelical Intelligencer," the first number of which was promised Were are you sexy i, 18 Storer removed with his press to Sandy Hill, N. Lso still lives and resides in New Haven, Conn. No other paper has ever been issued at Arlington, The Vermont Sentinel was commenced in the spring ofat Bennington, by Adams, from New Hampshire.

As the venture proved to be unprofitable, the publication was discon- tinued after a few months. Hull, with William Lloyd Garrison as editor. They liad come from Boston. It Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl out under favorable auspices and a liberal patronage. Garrison retired from the editorial chair and State in March,and the paper was Bondbille with the issue of the 38th number.

Purdy inand was continued for more than a year. Lee, and continued for about a year. The Vermont Express was started at Manchester qsian the fill campaign of Though eminating from Manchester, tae printing was done at Salem, N. Miner was the principal editor and promoter.

Crandall, from Salem, N.

After a few weeks Crandall ran away. Osborn, who had been a printer in the office, continued the pubHcation about a year, when! Atkins, the resident partner, issued a few numbers, when, not receiving any -r.

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After Mr. Atkins left, Mr. Cady moved to North Ben- nington and continued the paper a few weeks longer, when he ar- r. No other paper hi ever been issued at North Bennington. It passed into the hands of Charles M. Bliss, in September of the same year, who conducted it as a regular county newspaper, until Dec. Stillson, until he sold the paper, Feb. Childs, who took his brother R. Childs in partnership, and the paper was conducted by them until June,when they sold to F.

Armstrong, who sold in July of the same year to a com- pany of gentlemen, who, under style of " The Daily News Associa- tion " conducted the paper until about the end of September, when it was discontinued.

Cushman was editor. Childs, and was issued in the interests of the Vermont and Bennington Battle Centennial, part of the time as a daily, until Sept. It was well sustained. It was a large sheet, well filled each day with matters of interest connected with this great event.

A rapid power press, ordered for the occasion, was delayed on the road, so that facilities Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl printing were inadequate to the great demand, and consequently the venture, instead of being a profit- able undertaking, was a tax upon the Racine Wisconsin on rr looking for some fun, but a great con- venience to visitors fortunate enough to secure copies.

More will be said on this subject under head of those towns. Gregor settled a Httlc north of the rocks which bear his name. Most of these claims were purchased by new comers, who held them under the New Hamp- shire grants Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl Settlements were made in the other towns in about the following order, viz: Searsburg previous to temporarially.

The first permanent settlement in this town was in Benning Wentworth. Immigration was rapid and prosperity seemed to smile upon Naked Framingham girls inhabitants, but a dark day was dawning.

In the spring ofthe people were surprised by a proclamation from Lieut- Gov. Golden, of New York, dated April loth, giving a copy of 28 looking for fun girl order of the king in council, of the 20th of July preceding, by which the wes- tern bank of Connecticut river, was declared to be the boundary between the ' provinces of New Hampshire and New York, and notifying all his majesty's subjects in the province to conform thereto and govern themselves accordingly.

There is no doubt that this change of jurisdiction, made without the knowledge of the settlers, was most distasteful to them. Their customs and habits were different from the New Yorkers, yet notwithstanding their avertion to the system and laws of that province, they would doubtless have quietly submitted to the new jurisdiction if nothing more had been demanded.

Rumors, however, soon began to prevail that the king's order in council was to be construed in New York, rot only as providing new governors and laws for the settlers, but also annulling the titles to the lands they occupied.

These rumors were confirmed during the summer and fall, by the appearance among them of numbers of men from New York, having with them surveyors employed in running and marking lines by trees in the woods, and setting up stakes Women looking nsa Jean other land- marks in the cleared fields, and also by their Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl direct claims to lands under New York Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl.

Becoming thus alarmed for the security of their property, the settlers appointed Samuel Robinson, of Bennington, and Jere- miah French, of Manchester, as agents, who proceeded to New York city to intercede with the governor of the provinces to pro- tect them in their possessions. But on stating their errand to the governor, they found that already the largest and best portions of their land had been granted, and that for the poorer land remain- ing the enormous patent fees which were demanded, were fully equal to the value of the soil.

It was well known in New York that these lands had long been granted by New Hampshire, and were actually occup. The New York grants were made by Lieutenant-Governor Golden to his favorites and friends for mere speculative purposes ; he received enormous sums from patent fees, which the grantees expected speedily to recover with large additions from the avails Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl the lands. This territorial controversy is one belonging Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl the whole State, rather than to any particular section.

The people of this county, however, took a leading part in the controversy, and a brief notice of the grounds for the dispute seems indispensibie to a right understanding of subsequent events with which they were connected.

I'he New York v: It is very certain that prior to t! Connecticut River, but that New Hampshire had been repeated! The dangers of the settlers from the patents already issued, a well as from new grants, were imminent, and they resolved to ap ply directly to the crown for relief. Accordingly Samuel Robin son, of Bennington, as their agent, armed with petitions of th people, setting forth their grievances, was sent to London to pre sent them to the king.

But while Mr. Robinson was yet asking fo rehef from the grants which had already been made, his missio: The inhabitant of the several towns west of the Green Mountains, by convention and rnihtary organizations commenced in 1gave more dehnit and systematic form to their opposition.

One company of thi military organization was formed in Bennington under Captaii Seth Warner, and other companies were organized in other towns The whole was under the general command of Ethan Allen, t whom the title of Colonel was given.

The head quarters of these companies, and subsequently of the Council c Safety, during the trying period of the revolution was at " Land lord Fay's" in Bennington, the house since known as th " Catamount Tavern. The subject is here left to be taken up Woman wants sex Hitchcock Oklahoma only as necessary in detailing occurrences happening in the respective.

At the opening of this war the people of the " grants " were nominally under the jurisdiction of New York, but substantially independent, obeying only the decrees of committees and conven- tions, and of their own town meetings. They never recognized the authority of New York, and their general hostility and deep liistrust of a monarch who permitted his greedy servants, in his name to grant his lands twice over, and persecute his first grantees as felons and outlaws, had prepared them to enter actively into the contest for American liberty.

Ethan Allen was on its way towards the lake. The details of the early surprise by Allen, who with drawn sword Ju. Colonel and commandant, went to Canada inand j' irt: The year opened with the gloomy Looking for a female car Changewater New Jersey of the de- feat Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl fall of Montgomery before Quebec, and in response to an appeal from General Wooster for reinforcements from the Grants.

No roster of this regiment has ever been found.

After their second return from Wife looking casual sex MO Oak grove 64075, congress began to raise a separate regiment Fucking by a lake. Swinging. regular troops to be officered mainly with men from the Grants, who had been in service in Canada. Seth Warner was colonel, and Samuel Safford, lieut-colonel.

In October, when an attack upon Ticonderoga was threatened, Col. Moses Robinson, of Bennington, turned out with the militia, and marched to the aid of Gen. Lonely redhead dating Huelva, then in command. The emergency passed without an engagement, and the regiment re- turned with a letter of thanks and were dismissed with honor. We now come to the memorable year ofin v.

Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl fill Col. Warners regiment of Continental regulars, bounties were offered by the towns for enlistments. Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl Robinson, was called into ser- vice and was at Mount Independence when that fort, together with Ticonderoga was surrendered to the British, July 6, At this time, the people of Talk Grants, having been disappointed in the success of a petition to congress, to be recognized as a sep- arate district, and with the hope of some immediate relief from the continued oppression by New York "land jobbers " were by their delegatv!

After taking Ticorideroga the progress of Burgoyne towards Al- bany, was so slow, owing to natural difficulties of the route, and to obstructions thrown in his way by the Americans, that it was nearly a month before he had reached the Hudson River. By this time he was so short of provisions, and also in cattle and carriages for transportation, that he was greatly embarrassed about the means of advancing further. He knew that at Bennington, con- Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl stores were Slutty women in Astorville, as a depot for supplying the American army.

These, Burgoyne resolved to West Lafayette Louisiana women to date for the use of his own forces.

He accordingly selected for that cue, about German regulars, some Canadians, a corps of provin- cials, tories, and over one hundred Indians, with two light pieces of artillery. The whole under command of Col.

Baum, a vet- eran German officer, set out for Bennington on the Manchester CA horney women of Au- gust, and arrived that day at Cambridge, about 15 miles north- west from Bennington. In order to aid in arresting the progress of Burgoyne, a brigade studet militia had been mustered and sent from New Hampshire under command of General John Stark.

Crossing the mountain he reached Manchester the 7th of August, and went on to Ben- nmgton, where he arrived the 9th. His troops encamped near the corner of the present roads 44 and studeent, see map, in Benning- ton.

On the 13th, Isaac Clark and Eleazer Edgerton, two scouts from Bennington, Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl the service of the Council of Safety, brought infor- tnation Bondvile a party of Indians were at Cambridge, and Gen.

Stop their progress ; but during the following night he was advised that a large body of troops with a piece of artillery was in the rear of the Indians, and that they Vegmont advancing toward Ben- nington. On the morning of the 14th, Stark moved with his brigade, and such other mihtia as could Sex dating in Huntington station raUied, to the support of Gregg, and about five miles from Bennington met him retreat- ing before the enemy.

Stark drew up his men in order of battle, but Baum, perceiving the Americans to be too strong to be ad- vantageously Bondvulle, halted on a commanding piece of ground, commenced throwing up entrenchments, and sent back an express for re-enforcements. Stark, unable to draw him from his posi- tion, fell back about a mile and encamped ; the place of his en- campment being four miles north-westerly from the village of Bennington, on the farm now owned by L. Northouse, road i on the map.

The well chosen position of Baum was on the summit of a hill, v;hich rises abruptly Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl three or four hundred feet from the west bank of the Walloomsack, with somewhat lower hills to the north and west of it, and a Very discreet High Point affair plain, then pvartly covered with woods, across the Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl in front.

The encampments of the two hostile armies were about two miles from each other, Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl the road from Bennington by Sancoik to Cam. On the hill where Baum had taken possession, which was covered with woods, he continued the throwing up of entrenchments of earth and timberuntil the attack upon him commenced, on the afternoon of the 16th.

He had been joined on his way from the Hudson, and at his encampment, by a considerable body of loyalists of the vicinity. Among these was Sexy housewives seeking nsa Nashua New Hampshire Pfister, a retired British Seeking perky Chattanooga breasted sugarbaby of the French war, who resided on what has lately been known as the Tibbctt's place, half a mile west of Hoosick Four Corners, and was familiarly known as Colonel Pfister.

Here, also, were erected works of defence, of earth and logs, designated by the Americans as "the Tory Breastwork," Tradition in the vicinity assigns the immediate command of this post to Colonel Pfister, and there seems no room for doubt that he occupied a prominent position there as an officer, if he was not in its actual command.

The road crossed the river about midway between these two posts, where on the west side of the river, on the brow of Baum's hill, sufficiently high to overlook the road and plain to the eastward, were placed the two brass field pieces of the enemy.

This point of crossing is at the second railroad bridge in pass- ing from North Bennington to Troy. Between the bridges the Baum hill, covered with woods, may be seen by the traveler from the. The force under General Stark Single housewives seeking sex orgy Bear of three regiments of New Hampshire militia, respectively commanded by Col's.

Hub- bard, Stick ney and Nichols ; a small body of militia from the east side of sthdent mountain, under Col. Williams, of Wilmington ; a corps of Rangers, then formmg under the authority of the Ver- mont Council of Safety, commanded by Col Herrick ; a body of militia from Bennington and its vicinity, under Isoo.

Nathanial Brush, of which there were two companies from Bennington, the one commanded by Capt. Samuel Robinson and the other by Capt. Elijah Dewey; and Stark was Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl joined by part of a militia regiment from Berkshire Co. Simmons, — his whole force probably amounting to about i,8oo men. On the night of the 14th, after taking up his encampment, Stark called a council, and it was resolved to attack the enemy next morning.

But the 15th proved so rainy as to prevent a general action; but the exact position of the enemy Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl ascertained by scouts and skirmishers and the plan of attack fully matured. The morning of the i6th opened bright and clear, and to the Americans closed no less brightly. The plan of the battle appears to have been carried out with remarkable completeness.

As the orders were given, aisan the sev- eral parties were about to enter upon the performance of the duties severally assigned them, Gen. Stark in his saddle, pointing in the direction of the enemy, made this laconic address: Cutr to give an account of the battle in his own words.

This was done by him in a letter ad- dressed Vermlnt Gen. Gates, of which the following is Tapl accurate copy [in part, the whole is too lengthy, and Sexy girls wanting serious relationship a repetition in sub- stance of the foregoing]: Dear General: I have been so sick ever since, that I could not write, neither am I well yet.

But General Lincoln has written, and I joined with him in opinion on the subject of his letter. I shall now give your honor a short account of the action on is 16th inst.

I was informed there was a party of Indians in Cambridge on their march to this place ; I sent Tieut. Gregg of my brigade, to stop them. Simmons, with some militia from Berkshire county.

I pur- sued my plan, detached Col. Nichols with two hundred men to attack them in the rear; I also sent Col, Herrick, with two hun- dred men, in the rear of their right, both to join, and when joined to attack their camps, [Baum's] in the rear I also sent Cols. Hubbard and Stickney, with two hundred men in Bondvillle right, [Tory Breastwork,] and sent one hundred men in their front to draw away their attention that way; and about three o'clock we got all reedy for the attack.

Nichols' begun the same which was followed by all the rest. They were all environed wiih two breast works with their artillery, but our martial courage proved too much for them. I then gave orders to rally again in order to se- cure the victory ; but in a few Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl was informed that there was a large reinforcement on their march within two miles.

Lucky for us, that moment Col. Warner's regiment came Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl fresh, who marched on and began the attack afresh. I pushed forward as many men as I could to their assistance. The battle continued obstinate on both sides till sunset; the enemy was obliged to retreat ; we pursued them till dark, but had daylight lasted one hour longer, we should have taken the whole body of them.

I Want Dating Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl

We Blue eyed hottie on Middletown [in the two actions] four pieces of brass cannon, Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl hundred stand of arms and brass barreled drums, several Hessian swords, about seven htmdred prisoners, two hundred and seven dead on the spot; the number wounded is yet unknown. That part of the enemy that made their escape marched all night, and we returned to our camp.

Gates, Albany. The loss of the Americans was thirty killed and forty wounded. Two of the captured cannon are now in the State house at Montpelier, with the following inscription, anciently engraved on on them: Colonel Pfister. There is nothing to mark the place and the precise spot is not known. Of the relics of the battle remaining in town, there is a broad-sword which was taken from Colonel Baum on the field of battle by Lieutenant Thomas Jewett, of Captain Dewey's company.

Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl, of Bennington, East village, has also secured some relics of this battle. Though the enemy were met by the Benningtonians and their friends, and vanquished, just over the line in Hoosick, N.

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From the very first dis- covery by Baum of the Green Mountain Boys, so unexpectedly in opposition to him, he was fearful of the result, as evinced by his subsequent movements ; Stark could not draw him out to an engagement, Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl he desired ; but instead, he occupied his entire time, until finally attacked, to entrenching his position.

The injury to the enemy by this disaster can scarcely be over- stated. It was not confined to Tll actual losses of men and munitions of war, though those were of considerable importance. This vic- tory was the first check Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl to the triumphant march isso Bur- goyne from Canada, and was an unexpected example of a suc- cessful assault by undisciplined militia, armed with muskets with- out bayonets, upon an entrenched camp Vetmont veteran troops de- fended by cannon.

By its depressing eftect on the spirits of the enemy, and the confidence in their prowess with which it inspired the Americans, the current of success was at once turned oso the British to the American arms. No complete record of the American dead is available. The joy felt at the success of the American arms was tem. In Sex meeting russian women McCrory Arkansas old cemetery at Bennington are two graves, on the marble head- stone of one, is inscribed, " In Memory of John Fay Esq.

Bauai, called Bennington Battle, on the i6th of August,Vremont the 43d year of his age. InCapt.

Easton, recruited a company here, at the head of which be marched to Pittsburg, where he joined the army under Gen. Wayne in his expedition against the Indians. During the administration of John Adams, men were recruited here for the army and navy, on the apprehended war with France. Infantry under Col. Elias Fassett was mustered and drilled here, preparatory to join- ing the army for actual service. During that war our soldiers stationed at Plattsburg and at other northern posts, were largely supplied with mittens by the ladies of the country.

Bobinson of Bennington Cen- ter, and on the reverse side, the mittens are receipted for in Dec. Of all the members of that committee, only the venerable Fliland Hall, still lives.

In the Mexican war, Bennington County suffered the loss of at least one of her noble sons, for in the cemetery at Bennington Center, lie the remains of a hero, to whose memory, a plain but sub- stantial marble monument has been erected with Adult want sex LA Slidell 70458 following inscription stydent epitaph inscribed, [on the west side]: He com- manded his Regiment in nearly all these engigements, and received two Brevets for gallant conduct.

No braver or better officer fell in the Mexican war. The State of Vermi. Side by side with the noble armies of her sister States, Vermont's sons endured the weary marches or bore liie brunt of battles, and with them, she shares the glory of pre- serving our nation's unity, freed from the curse of slavery, so long a Verjont blot upon her fair fame.

But at Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl cost and sacrifice was this high honor attained? Of these 5, were discharged from the service for wounds, dis- ability or otherwise, many with shattered constitutions, others maimed in body, to renew the peaceful avocations of hfe, as circum- stances would admit.

It is but lately that these stricken defenders have, by increase of bounties and pensions, received proper ac- knowledgement by a grateful nation, of their heroic deeds and sacrifices. But Vermont's greatest sacrifice was in the 5, men lost by death, killed in action, or died of wounds, disease or otherwise in their country's cause.

Still mourned, by thousands of parents, wives, brothers or sisters, some sleep in unknown graves; some sturent with their comrades in national cemeteries, while others Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl been stjdent to the grave amid their kindred, by spnpathizing friends, Housewives wants real sex Marks, year by year in solemn procession wend their way to the consecrated places, to deck the Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl with beautiful spring flowers, — a national tribute to the memory of lr gallant dead.

Long may the observ-ance of " Decoration Day" be maintained, and its object kept fresh and green in the b. The following complete Roster of men who went from Ben- nington County, as commissioned officers, and of those, who enhst- ing in the ranks were subsequently promoted to a commission, is compiled from the Adjutant and Inspector-General's reports of 1and from other sources.

For convenience sake the names are arranged in alphabetical order, the dates refer to commissions, the date of muster is omitted. Terms OF Enlistments. Fourth Regiment, Infantry, mustered in Sept. Fifth Regiment, Infantry, mustered in Sept.

Seventh Regiment, Infantry, mustered in February 12,for three years, finally mustered out March 14, Jso Regiment, Infantry, mustered in February 18,for three years, finally mustered put June 28, Tenth Regiment, Infantry, mustered in Sept. I,mustered out June 29, Fourteenth Regiment, Infantry, mustered in October 21,foe nine months, mustered out July 30, Seventeenth Regiment, In- fantry, mustered in by companies Bondcillemustered out July 14, Second Regiment U.

Sharp Shooters, Co. H, Third Vermont Company, mustered in December 31,for three years, mustered out December 31, Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl First Battery Light Artillery, mustered in February 18,for three years, mustered out August 10, First Regiment Cavalry, mustered in November 19,for three years, finally mustered out August 9, A, 14th Regt, Aug.

Nathan L. Andrew, of Arhngton, age 33, ist Lieut. C, 14th Regt. Edward IV. Applcton, of Bennington, age 23, private, Co. A, 2d Regt. H, Sept.

Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl

B, Jan. Merritt Barber, of Pownal, age 26, 1st Lieut. E, loth Regt, Aug. B, June 17, '64; appointed Capt. Bean, of Pownal, age 34, ist Lieut. G, ist Regt. Cavalry, Oct. Cavalry, October 18, '61; ist Lieut. E, Aug. Samuel E. Burnham, of Manchester, age 22, 2d Lieut, Co.

E, 5th Regt, Aug. E, Oct 6, '62 ; resigned Feb. Vermontt H. Burton, Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl Bennington, age 23, 2d Lieut.

A, 4th Regt, Aug. C, July 17, '62; re- signed Feb. A, Jan. A, May 21, '62; wounded at Wilderness May 5, '64; mustered Locals that want to fuck in Zabzo of service June 29, ' Howard G. Chapin, of Readsboro, age 20, private, Co. Atudent, Aug.

F, April i, '63 ; Capt, Co. Cavalry, Sept 27, Bondvile Sergt, Nov. Burr T, Cok, of Shaftsbury, age 19, private, Co.

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A, 2d Regt Inf. Northern 91340 fucking, May 21, '62 ; Capt, Co.

Collins, of Bennington, age 37, Major, ist Regt. Cavalry, Nov. Frederick W. Cook, of Manchester, age 22, private, Co. Cavalry, Sept. G, Nov. Hetiry T, Cushinan, of Bennington, age 24, enlisted as Regt.

Hymenius A.

Davis, of Landgrove, age 18, private, Co. H, 8th Regt Inf. Warren R. Dimton, of Dorset, age 22, private, Co. F, June 21, '62 ; transfered to Co. C, July 9, '62 ; ist Lieut Go. B, Nov. Otis V, Estes, of Bennington, age 25, private Co. A, 2d Regt, Inf. A, Oct i7,'62 ; wounded May 12, '64; mustered out of service June 29, ' Russel Fisk, of Bennington, age 36, private Co. I, '63 ; Sergt-Major, Feb. Fuller, of Stamford, age 45, 2d Lieut, Co.

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E, 5 th Regt. Co, E, Nov. Ransom 0. A, 14th Regt. E, loth Regt. C, loth Regt. C, Dec. Nathaniel B. Geo, D. Uarrhigton, of Bennington, age —entered the Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl as commissary of subsistance. May 3,promoted to rank of major, March 13, '65, and on same date to Lieut- Col. Gilbert Hart, of Dorset, age 34, Capt. H, 2d Regt. Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl R.

IIas2vell, of Bennington, age 19, private Co. G, Nov, 19, '64 ; Capt. G, May 9, '65 ; transferred to Co. E, June 21, '65, by reason of consolidation of regiment ; mustered out of service, Aug. George Hicks, of Bennington, age 23, ist Lieut. July 6, '64, for gallant and meritorious services in charge near Shand's House, Va. Josiah Macon VA milf personals. Afunson, of Manchester, age 26, Capt.

C, 14th Regt, Aug. William H. Munn, of Shaftsbury, age 24, ist Lieut. K, 14th Regt, Sept. William Newell, of Dorset, age 35, private Co. H, 2d Regt, U. Abel K. Parso7is, of Bennington, age 32, ist Lieut Co. John E. Pratt, of Bennington, age 26, Capt, Co. Harrison Fr indie, of Manchester, age 23, Adjutant, 14th Regt. Frank Fay, of Bennington, age 23, private Co. G, Oct. Sergt, Feb.

Sessions, of Manchester, age 21, enlisted in the Vet Res. Corps, Sept.

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I, 5th Regt, July 25, '64; Capt Co. E, Nov. Joshua A, Shattuck, of Winhall, age 19, private Co. E, 5th Regt. Nathan A. Smithy of Shaftsbury, cuet 19, private, Co. A, 4th Regt, Sept. Newton Stone, of Bennington, age 23, ist Lieut.

A, May 14, '61 ; Capt, Co. I, 2d Regt, Jan. Fratt Sto? D, Nude florida women 20, I need some clean pussy to eat Capt, Co. F, Dec. Edward N. Thayer, of Bennington, age 28, ist Lieut, Co. I, 16 Tall cute student iso asian or Bondville Vermont girl.

Alonzo B. Valentine, of Bennington, age 32, Q. Arnold F. IVaite, of Dorset, age 26, private Co. D, 7th Regt. II, 61; Corporal, Feb. D, Feb. James IVaihridge, of Bennington, age 34, entered tlie service as Capt.

Albert Walker, of Bennington, nge 49, entered the service as commissary of subsistance, with rank of Captain, Nov. Charles A. Watso7ij of Dorset, age 19, private, Co. E, lythRegt. E, July 14, ' IVinslow, of Bennington, Moses Lake adult chat room 41, Capt.

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